Sewer Plans

Update on 2016 Sewer Line Cleanout Plans

The planned 2015 sewer line cleanouts did not get completed prior to the onset of cold weather last December.  So Spencer of S&K Services will be working on those five courts in late March and April of 2016.  The courts that are scheduled for work are Gramercy, Kimberly, Regency, San Simeon and Sunbury.

The Board contracts with Spencer to do the cleanouts located on the common area in each court.  While he is doing the common area cleanouts, he can also work backwards under each building.  Residents of each building within those courts who want to have their lines cleaned must agree within their building and call Spencer at 402-432-1373.  He will quote a price per unit for each building that is probably lower than if the building hires a plumber on their own.  (He quoted $50 per unit for Gramercy.) If one or more residents choose not to pay for the cleaning, the other units in the building can go forward and split the total cost for the building.  He does not have to go inside your unit, but he does require at least on resident of the building be home to turn on the water to help flush the system.

We encourage all residents of the five courts listed above to talk to their neighbors about having the work done under their buildings.  Remember it is a building by building decision.  And also remember that even if the lines are cleaned out under your building, you can still have a leak as a result of a blockage within your unit from a sink or drain being clogged.

There will be some additional courts cleaned later this year, but the timing and courts have not been decided.

Sewer Clean Out Plan

The Board has completed a major project over the last two years to map the sewer lines within Wellington Greens, install clean out boxes and clean out all common area trunk lines and common lines underneath residential buildings. We are now entering the maintenance phase of the project, where we will clean out common area trunk lines on a periodic basis
As background, we have several different types of sewer lines within our community.  All units have sewer lines within their units (private lines).  Some private lines connect to a common line running under their building, exiting at the lower end of their building and then becoming a common area trunk line.  Some private lines connect directly to either a common area trunk line or a city line (single tap units).
The Association is responsible for keeping the common area trunk lines free of debris and blockage.  Residents are responsible for cleaning their private lines, the common lines running under their units if applicable, and for single tap units, the portion of the line from their unit to the single tap at the common area trunk line or city line.

In our project over the past two years, the Association cleaned out all of the common area trunk lines.  Using the clean out boxes at the end of the units, we also cleaned out the common lines running under buildings.  We did not clean out any private lines, including the portion of lines from units to single tap connections.  Private lines, including units with single taps, can only be cleaned out from within the units, so Wellington Greens does not have access and therefore cannot perform this work.

The Board has developed a tentative plan to clean out common area trunk lines on an approximate five year cycle.  Some lines, due to unique drainage problems or extensive tree roots, may require more frequent clean outs.


We will be making available to the captains of each court a description of each court’s types of lines.  This description will identify the single tap units (88 in all), as well as the units with common lines running under buildings.  This information will also be put on the web site.  All four courts in the 2015 maintenance plan have common lines under each of their buildings.  Single tap units should consider cleaning their private lines on a scheduled basis.

If you have questions, please call Dick Vautravers at (402) 489-4744.